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Speed System Head:

The clubhead of each Speed System driver utilizes ”Speed Ti”, an exclusive design that combines a thin face with reinforced edges to create extra strength that translates into faster speed.

  • Head-Aerodynamically designed to break up speed limiting airflow during the downswing to create increased clubhead speed.
  • OHCT-Off Center Hit Correction Technology combines head COG (center of gravity) with bulge and roll to create maximum forgiveness and directional correction on off-center hits to ensure a minimal loss of distance and direction when the club is not hit in the geometric center (show off-center hit robot data vs competitors).

Speed System Shafts:

Proprietary Carbon-Fiber Composite —Speed System Shaft Optimization (S3O):

  • Our exclusive S3O, Speed System Shaft Optimization utilizes a proprietary carbon-fiber composite that’s often found in aerospace. We pinpointed the correct flex, kick point, torque, and weight to maximize speed and therefore distance for your corresponding Speed System Driver. Progressive kick points have also been incorporated, and have been matched up to the correct Speed Zones; Speed Silver, Speed Gold, Speed Blue and Speed Black.
  • Our optimization process repositions weight to ensure the correct balance, feel and performance. May lightweight shafts have higher torque and flex values making them difficult to swing consistently. Speed Systems S30 weight redistribution ensures lightweight with proper flex and torque to give optimal performance for each Speed Zone.

Speed System Grips:

Speed System grips are made of a proprietary Synthetic Compound with a rubber-grip type feel.

  • Exclusive material allows an average weight to be in the low 30 grams. This material also allows different Speed grips at different weights – even though they are the same size. Other grip companies cannot achieve this.

FREE BONUS! Speed System Balls and Tees:

The Speed System, 3 Piece Premium, Tour Performance golf ball has been compression optimized for maximum speed. These balls have been designed to have a slightly lower spin off the driver to increase ball speed and distance while providing mid and short iron launch and spin similar to top-selling balls and have a great feel around the green for putting and short game.

  • The Speed System golf balls tested 2.5 yards longer than the #1 tour ball with almost the same spin rate off of a 6 iron and PW.
  • The Speed System Spring Loaded tee helps minimize club head resistance at impact. This combined with its tee surface friction reduction coating that helps reduce spin leading to more distance. The Speed Spring Loaded tees tested 2.1 yards longer than a standard tee.