Speed System Balls


Speed System Compression Matched Balls and 2 Spring Loaded Tees


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While the Speed System Driver is LONG with ANY golf ball, when you order now, you’ll also receive as a free bonus, one dozen Speed System golf balls. Speed System golf balls are designed with a slightly lower spin rate off of the driver in comparison to the top golf balls on the market. This created 3-4 yards added distance at 90 mph.

And as an added bonus, we will add 2 new, spring-loaded Speed System Tees to your order FREE. While our team was testing tees, it was discovered that by reducing friction at impact you can slightly reduce spin. This reduction in spin correlates to approximately 2 yards increase in distance. This distance gain is typically seen only by players that have a negative attack angle with their driver. Testing showed you can get an increase of up to 3 yards!

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1 Dozen $29.99, 2 Dozen $49.99, 3 Dozen $69.99, 4 Dozen $89.99


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